Eating our way through Pinterest.

One thing you quickly learn about whilst living in another country is cooking substitutions. When you have time on your hands and let’s face it, I do, you find joy in keeping yourself busy with the everyday tasks. For me, lately it’s been baking and cooking via the inspiration of Pinterest. In order to do such things, I sometimes have to turn to the interwebs for assistance on substitutions; mainly because the British have different terms for every day ingredients, different from what I am familiar with after 30+ years of life in the states.

Today I found this helpful cheat sheet on Cooking Substitutions for American Ingredients. I’ve already bookmarked it and I definitely plan to keep it handy for future endeavors, starting tonight. On the menu for this evening is Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder. It looks and sounds delicious, I only need a few more ingredients from the grocery store and we’ll be all set.

The last couple of nights were full of lots of mmm’ing and ahhh’ing thanks to Pinterest. Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking food here.

On Monday I made Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork. It was in fact very easy as well as very tasty. Because the pork shoulder we purchased was so huge, we ended up freezing a good portion of it into separate packages so we can use a little at a time.

wpid-20141006_091832.jpg wpid-20141006_092226.jpg wpid-20141006_093359.jpg wpid-20141006_185347.jpg

On Tuesday I ventured into the world of chicken and made Crunchy Oven-Baked Cheese and Garlic Chicken and Si made his world famous homemade baked chips; both were a delicious success. Nom.

wpid-20141007_184022.jpg wpid-20141007_184027.jpg wpid-20141007_192839.jpg

There have been whisperings of ‘Suzie Homemaker’ around here but I prefer ‘Modern Day Julia’, at least today anyway. I’m not sure what the rest of the week holds as far as food is concerned, but after having Pinned hundreds of recipes (a fairly accurate estimate) I figure it’s time to work my way through them, one by one. I mean, we have to eat, right?

2 thoughts on “Eating our way through Pinterest.

    1. Sure thing!

      Peel and chop up a few potatoes, depending on how many people you’re feeding, and cut them into wedges.

      Then sprinkle a little garlic extra virgin olive oil on them, some garlic pepper, and just a sprinkle of salt. Really you can season them however you’d like. We’ve used lime pepper before as well as just straight salt and pepper; all depends on our mood. And if you don’t have any garlic EVOO, just use regular. Mix together in a bowl until they are all coated evenly.

      Lay them on a non-stick baking tray, flat and side by side. Bake them for about an hour on 375F – 400F, flipping them halfway through. They should be golden brown on both sides for that nice crisp outside and warm potato inside.

      Then, enjoy! 🙂


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