From the ripe old age of 9 or so, I knew I wanted to walk around with three eyes for the rest of my life. You know, my eyes plus the eye of a camera, duh.

I first fell in love with photography when my mom and dad decided to let me use their old Kodak 35mm camera to play around with. I was going through film like crazy but they decided to let me go forth and explore. Not long after that they bought me my very own Kodak Polaroid 600 camera to which they soon regretted because I was going through film even more quickly. Soon, asking for film for my birthday and Christmas turned into me asking for film just because it was Tuesday.

Eventually I started doing chores, receiving payment for chores, and using that money for penny candies at Benjamin Franklin’s (a real-life ‘five and dime store’) along with buying more film for my camera. What did I take pictures of? you ask. Well, let’s see: flowers, fence lines, trees, dogs, the sky, my bedroom, the kitchen, the hallway, the sofa, my bike… the list goes on.

Then one day I found myself at the local library where I saw the Tetons and Snake River photo taken by the great Ansel Adams. I was in love. Not with Ansel, silly, but with the photograph, the scenery. Those mountains. That landscape. From then on I was focused on all things landscape, all things natural and beautiful, nature itself.

My photographic style has changed throughout the years, I no longer take pictures of my bike or the sofa, but instead I take pictures of the landscape around me, the life around me. From something as small as the petal of a flower to something as grand and majestic as the mountains, my photographic style is ever changing and always growing. I’ve even been known to photograph a human or two; though they tend to blink more than the mountains do, they still are a pretty interesting subject.

Copyright Jeana Marie Photography
Copyright Jeana Marie Photography
Copyright Jeana Marie Photography
Copyright Jeana Marie Photography


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