The Girl

My name is Jeana and I’m the girl who fell in love with the boy and decided to follow him all the way to England. Yes, of course he knows and of course he invited me.

I’m a 40-something gal who had basically given up on the prospect of finding love (in my 30-somethings) let alone finding it with a guy who lives 4,000 miles away. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in love, it was just that I had simply accepted the fact that perhaps I was one of those people who wasn’t meant to find her match. Boy am I glad I was wrong, that one and only time.

Before moving from the states to the UK, I was working as a licensed insurance agent and had been in the business for about eight years. Did I love it? Meh, it was a good paying job where I learned a lot about business as well as how to and how not to measure success. Now that I’ve been in the UK nearly six years, I’ve finally found a job that suits me; I’m a training coordinator for a partner of Google. My job role has afforded me many opportunities to push myself and my abilities, as well as having pushed me right out of my comfort zone a time or two.

I’m starting to believe that life is best lived outside of the coveted comfort zone…

My true passions are writing and photography. I’ve dabbled in both for a number of years but have never actually taken the full time leap. Why not? I have no idea really; I suppose fear and perhaps a bit of self-doubt. If you know a surefire way to ditch those feelings, fancy sharing with yours truly?

In my spare time I enjoy exploring the world, both near and far, walking our Chihuahua Ramone, reading books about science and books that involve smut, playing games on my phone as well as playing card and board games with the hubs, drinking whiskey, rum, and gin (don’t judge), watching Netflix and taking pictures of all sorts. Oh and it should be said, I enjoy the eye-candy that is my handsome husband. What? I speak truth.

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