Immigration & Ingredients

Tomorrow morning we make our way to the nearest immigration office and submit our FLR(M) application; that’s the next step in the immigration process, the next visa if you will. I believe the appropriate response here would be: Eeeeeeeeek!

We’re armed with all of the paperwork and we’re definitely ready.


To be fair, the yellow folder contains the actual application as well as our supporting documentation. The purple-ish folder contains all of the in-case-of documents, as in, in case they need this or in case they need that. Paranoid? Over prepared? Call it what you will, but we do not want to give them any reason to deny or delay this application.

So to recap, this visa, if approved, will allow me to stay with my husband in the United Kingdom for another 2.5 years and what’s more, it’ll allow me to work! Huzzah! Fingers crossed, prayers made, tomorrow at this time we’ll be buzzing on champagne and I’ll be gearing up for a Wednesday chock-full of job hunting.

In completely different, food related news, last week I mentioned that we are eating our way through Pinterest, one recipe at a time. This Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder was a hit and I must give thanks on the kitchen assist to my hubby; he’s the greatest. S’true, he is. And the soup? Well it turned out great! And so tasty! I highly recommend you add it to your menu and feel free to let me know how you get on with it. The recipe does make quite a bit for just two people so we froze a good portion of it to enjoy later on a cold and windy winter’s night.

wpid-diptic-788084081.jpg wpid-diptic-1179719652.jpg

Next up on the Pinterest to-do list are these little bits of heaven: Lemon Raspberry Bars. Si’s mum gave us some fresh raspberries from her garden so I’m going to put them to deliciously good use tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted, on both the visa and the treats. 😉

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