The Dog


Allow me to introduce you to the ever so strong and silent type, Ramone. Yes, he’s my kid. Well technically he’s a dog but you know, my fur-baby, there I said it. He bravely made The Big Move with me so technically he’s a world traveler as well as world’s cutest pup; one continent at a time baby.

He’s a Chihuahua through and through. He gives love and snuggles like no dog I’ve ever had before and he’s as nervous as can be around anyone new to him. That said, he’s a happy little pup who likes to go for walks, play with his treats, eat, and run free just like any other dog. Oh and he doesn’t bark. At all. Like, ever. He sometimes has this gruff-type noise that he makes but other than that, not a peep. Our little Ramonie, the mute.

Leaving him behind wasn’t an option so he got to come along on the crazy ride, too. And seeing how he and Si have bonded over the years, well it melts my heart in a big mushy peas kind of way. He may have started out as my dog, but now he is most certainly, our dog.


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