The Big Move


Hiya! Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to take a look around, lend some advice, join in on the witty banter, and be a part of the adventure that has me constantly practicing my British accent (much to the chagrin of my handsome husband) and always mentally reminding myself to drive on the wrong (erm, right) side of the road.

A bit of our history. We met online through a mutual friend back in May 2012 and by August 2012 we were emailing each other every day. Multiple times a day. After a handful of visits on each side of the pond, it was during my second visit to the UK in August 2013 when we decided I would be making the big move to England so we could begin an adventure of sharing our lives, together. In December 2013 we were engaged, I moved out here in June 2014, and by September 2014 we were married.


It’s as simple as that? you ask. No, of course not; there were visas to apply for, rules to follow and personal details to share with lawyers. Yes, when you want to migrate to another country, everyone and their uncle want to know your business, but we figured it was all worth it if it meant we would finally be able to live and share our lives, together.

So why blog about it? Well not only do I have a terrible memory, I also have a lot of friends and family members who have terrible memories. Oh don’t deny it, you know it’s true. Besides, everyone wants to be kept up to speed on the process as well as what life is like here and I really want us to look back and have something that documents our beginnings, our middles, and our after-middles.

And that’s just what I’ll do; document, tell stories, and share photos of this, our incredible journey together. An adventure for the history books, well, our history book.

Want to stay up to date on what’s going on now? Check out the ‘Follow Hello, Cheerio’ button below, click on that and consider yourself officially in the know. I’ll keep you updated with what it means to live life in another country, the process of being able to stay in said country (legally, of course), as well as share the more emotional side of having taken such a big step and making such a big move to be with the one I love.

From Minnesota, USA to England, UK; it’s sure to be one heck of a ride and one crazy adventure. And totally worth it.

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