The Boy


His name is Simon (how adorably British). He’s a very creative, incredibly artistic, superbly talented, and painfully sarcastic man. Oh and in my unbiased opinion, he’s also rather handsome. He’ll hate that I said that last part… 

What’s that? You want to know more about him? Well okay, go on and twist my arm.

He’s a 40-something guy who was minding his own business when one day this silly American girl sent him a message asking to be friends. Little did either of us know we’d end up here one day; having planned and executed The Big Move and ultimately planning for our lives together. Initially we connected through humor as we are both fluent in sarcasm but as time went on we found we had a bazillion (yes, bazillion) things in common with just enough differences to keep things interesting.

As I mentioned earlier, Si’s a very creative and artistic guy. He’s a web developer for a leading educational company in the UK and on the side he enjoys spending his time creating apps, playing video games, and working with models. No, no, not the runway kind. The kind you create; cars, cities, molding and painting people for those cities, etc. He’s incredibly talented and VERY patient; I could never do what he does. The details alone are incredible and the time he takes to make each one just right, well I admire him for it.

For future reference, I mainly refer to him as my ‘handsome husband’ or my ‘handsome hubs’. Oh yes, he just loves it when I do that.

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