I’m baaaaaaack.

Well, I guess the question I should ask is… Is this thing on?

It’s been far too long since I’ve taken a moment to sit down and write and I think enough time has come to pass that I’m ready to jump back in the saddle. Or something like that.

So, is anyone still out there?

I’m still here, still alive and more importantly, still in the UK with my guy and our pup.

In fact, the time has come (and gone) for me to submit my next visa application which will, God willing, allow me to stay in the UK for another two and a half years. So as we wait for an answer from the government, I sit here blissfully unaware of how the decision is being made, when it will be made, and what the outcome will be. All fingers and toes are crossed, all prayers have been sent, and the power of positive thinking is constantly being called upon. Won’t you join me in the fun?

Since I last updated, a number of things have changed. New adventures, new car, new house, new job (twice, but within the same company), and soon a new hairdo. Oooh, the anticipation is driving you mad, I know.

Speaking of adventures, the last time I updated we had just spent a week road-tripping around England and a part of its south coast: The 355.5 mile journey: Clowne to Cornwall.

These last two years (holy buckets, time flies) have been spent traveling around different parts of the country as well as the world. We’ve been back to the states to visit friends and family, made our way to Turkey for our first wedding anniversary / honeymoon, Scotland to experience the vastly gorgeous countryside and Paris to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. This summer we will be making our way to Wales to experience what I can only describe as heaven, at least per the pictures I see on the internet: Snowdonia National Park here we come!

The great thing is, with all this travel, it only makes you want to travel some more. And then some more, again. I think we need a larger bankroll.

Now then, what would any goodish blog be without some photos? (by the way, if you click on the photos, you can view them on a larger scale, one by one)

Turkey, an unexpectedly beautiful place made up of incredible people, stunning views, bucket loads of history, and heat that made you thankful the ocean and / or pool was close by. No really, it was boiling hot, but it was so utterly worth it.

Scotland, wow was it lush. I know that it such a simple statement but when I think of our time there, I think of the landscape and the way it kind of just takes over anything else you can think about. At least it seemed to work that way for me.

Paris, France; what a dream come true. The weather was perfect (if not a bit too warm for this girl in September), the food was incredible, and the sights, well those did not disappoint. We have made a vow to go back and stay in a different part of Paris to experience a different side to it; the sights and sounds, the food and people, the history. What a place.

My plan is, now that I’m back to all things blogging, to actually update about life and what’s been happening over here as well as the little mini adventures that happen amidst every day life. I mean, essentially that’s what life really is about, the mini adventures; all of those little occasions when you realize how truly cool and inspiring life can be if you just give it a second look.

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