I don’t know and I still need my car.

You know how most websites have the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page? I’m beginning to think I should have one of those pages on this blog.

One of the most FAQ’s I receive is When are you leaving?

Another one is Are you selling your car?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve received those two questions and most times one has to do with the other. Funny but I never realized how many people were in the market to but a new used car.

Since this blog has been designed to serve not only as a therapeutic outlet but also as an informative space, I’ll answer the two most common questions right now. You’re all on pins and needles, I just know it.

1. When are you leaving? I have no idea. Honest. We meet with our immigration lawyer on the 23rd whilst I’m there on holiday; she’ll make sure we have all the paperwork necessary to even begin the visa application process. From there I’ll take the visa application home, fill it out, do all it requires to be submitted, and then mail it to the proper authority (yes, I have to mail it from the U.S.). From there it’s a waiting game; it could take a month, two months, three months (or more) to hear back from them and then off I go. Of course that’s providing that they approve my application and let me into their country.

2. Are you selling your car? Why yes, I am. But NOT until I move. I know I’m one of the fortunate few who get to walk to work on a daily basis however I do still need my vehicle to run errands, visit friends and family, and drive to my second job. So unless someone wants to loan me (for free) a rental vehicle to use until I move, my car stays with me.

Any other questions? Let me know; I think I may start up a FAQ page if the list of commonly asked questions grows. And I wouldn’t be doing it because I hate talking about the process or because I’m sick of answering the same questions, I’d be doing it because I love that people even show interest in our journey, it’s helpful to anyone who is interested and also because I’m kinda tired of answering the same questions. … What? Honesty is the best policy, my mama says so.

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