Budget Buster

Normally when a person moves from one place to another, there are typically some general costs involved when it comes to shipping, handling, and just plain moving in general. On top of all of the normal stuff involved with moving, go ahead and add to that the pricing and planning it takes to move from one country to another. Good gracious could this be any more difficult? Wait, scratch that; I don’t want to know.

I began this blog with the intention of being very honest about my feelings, about the process, about everything really. I’m going to fulfill that intention (and then some) so beware, this isn’t going to be all sunshine and daisies. In fact, I don’t really think we get to the sunshine and daisy part until I’m officially moved and we officially get to see and speak to each other without the aid of social media, video and phone apps, and emails. I’m definitely looking forward to the sunshine and daisy part.

We’ve been discussing the need to figure out a budget and in the spirit of honesty let me tell you that has been one difficult and stress-inducing task. First I have to walk around my house, figure out what I absolutely cannot live without and make a list. From that list I will probably narrow it down some more and then I’ll need to find a shipping company (shipping companies are different than moving companies, fyi) to provide me a quote with what it will cost to ship my things to my new home. I am not hiring an international moving company. Why? you ask. Let’s just say they are crazy expensive. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest crazy.

Second, I’ll need to narrow down the list of shipping companies based on who has the least amount of negative reviews (wish me luck on that one) and then entrust them with my belongings. Oh that should be fun.

Third, apply for a part-time job in hopes of obtaining additional income. Actually, I’ve already been applying at places locally and I happen to have an interview tomorrow with a lovely, well-known lotion and candle company for seasonal assistance. Wish me luck.

So this week I vow to start making a list of the things I cannot live without, then whittle it down to the things I really cannot live without, and from there I will contact a shipping company for quotes. Timeline: Two weeks. I think that should be plenty of time to get on with this part of the process.

The rest will be offered up at garage sale; that is, I’ll be hosting an indoor garage sale. At my home. That’s right folks, you too can help with The Big Move by purchasing quality household items including but not limited to: sofa/love seat/ottoman combo, gorgeous solid cherry wood TV stand, five-piece dining table set, dishware, glassware, silverware, Ikea cubicle storage unit, refinished armoire, antique dresser, home furnishings and literally so much more. Oh you know you’re ready to shop.

In all honesty I have no issue with selling/giving away most of my things. When I move, when we’re settled in together, we want the home to feel like our home so if there’s something we need to make our place feel more like ours, then we’ll go shopping. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up shopping with all the cash (read: support) from the indoor garage sale.

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