Swift fly the years.

The last time I sat down to write on here was just after my third anniversary of being an immigrant in the UK. I cannot believe how quickly time flies. I know it’s something “older people” tell you when you’re younger, you know how they warn you as if they are some all-knowing, ancient beings telling you the truths of the future. Turns out, they were right. Every.Single.One.Of.Them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I digress.

If we’re being honest, which is typically a good rule to live by anyway, I struggle finding my words sometimes. For those who know me, they don’t believe that last sentence to be true, but it is. When I began this blog, I began it with the hopes of sharing the entire immigration process, from start to middle to, well, all of it. For the most part, when you’re not having to worry about completing a 75 page application along with paying thousands of pounds to the UK government in order to keep living with your husband, life in the middle gets sort of lost on you. The struggles seem to fade away, the adventures are many but on a much smaller scale, and life just seems to get away from you. Time, it is never caught and it is always faster than you anticipate.

I’m not going to declare something silly like I’ll write in here every day or even every week for that matter, but I will write when the mood strikes me and when my words are available to me. It doesn’t matter to me how many people follow this (though, each are appreciated) and it’s not my goal to make millions based upon whatever crap my head decides to spew out on any given day, no, instead I just want to keep my friends and family (and whomever cares to read) updated on what’s going on here, the places we visit, and the adventures we have, both big and small.

Last year we kept the traveling to a minimum due to yet another visa application. The last one is December 2019 and then we’re done y’all! Then I get to live with my husband without the government poking its nose in here, there, and everywhere. Hooray.

I digress, again.

We did manage to make our way to Wales (four-hour drive from our front door) and let me tell you something, it is incredible. In fact, there are not enough descriptive terms to describe it, but I will try in a moment. I cannot wait to go back and discover more sides to Wales, the people, the culture, the scenery… all of it. What a great little adventure. Before we even left on our little road trip, my husband could not stop going on about this place in Wales called Portmeirion. And you guys, it was like a fairy tale land of color. It was amazing and vibrant and alive and … surreal. I have never seen anything like it. And the castles in Wales… oh wow, the castles. Grand, impressive, magnificent, historic, weathered, majestic. Walking in those places, walking on those grounds, I cannot help but wonder what life was like way back when, before time took over.

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