Three Earth Years

One thousand ninety-five …six …seven …eight …nine …ten …eleven …twelve days. That’s how long I’ve been in England.  Three whole trips around the sun. Holy sh**.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I could see myself living anywhere but somewhere in the States, I would have told you ‘hell yeah!’ Honestly I’ve always been filled with a large dash of wanderlust so in the back of my mind I figured one day I would move away from home (Minnesota). And I had lived in another state, but another country?! That was something else entirely.

For three years now, England has been home to me. I’ve grown to really depend on this place and how it has challenged me as a person day to day. Is the weather always dependable? If by dependable you mean unpredictable, then yes, absolutely. Is it easy driving on the opposite side of the road after having driven on the ‘right’ side for so long? Surprisingly, yes. Is the food nearly as terrible as I thought it would be? Only if we are talking about Marmite. Is the countryside as beautiful as it is in pictures? Absofrigginlutely. What? That’s a real word… somewhere.

I often get asked what the people here are like and I find it kind of a strange question to answer. Um, they are people. Some are good, some are bad, some are a bit out there, and some are … well, we’ll leave that for another time.

That said, most of the people I’ve met since moving here, I’ve met through work and I consider myself incredibly blessed to have found a job at a company that employs so many fun and super awesome people with whom many I call friend. The friendships take some time to grow, but I think as you get older, they are meant to. As you age, you begin to understand the true meaning of the word friend and you certainly appreciate what it takes to both be a good one and also to refer to someone as one.

No matter how near or far you are from people you love and care about, how you keep in touch and how you reach out to one another is what determines whether your friendship, your relationship can stand the test of time and space. Moving here has most certainly taught me that very dear, very valuable lesson.

Over these last three years I’ve also learned another valuable lesson: NEVER SAY NEVER. I never thought I would actually get married. I never thought I could value life as deeply and cherish it as sweetly as I do now. I never thought I could look at another person the way I look at my husband and I never thought I could feel the way I feel when we laugh, talk, plan, dream, and love together. He has brought an entirely different dimension to my life that I never thought possible. I feel like together, we can do anything. And I feel like together, he doesn’t necessarily complete me, but instead he adds to the person I am, he makes me a better me.

On that note, there’s a bunch I’ve learned over the last three years but really it all comes down to this one thing: Unless you’re willing to change, unless you’re willing to make mistakes, unless you’re willing to put one foot in front of the other, unless you’re willing to take a risk, life will never be what you want it to be.

And I’ve learned what I want my life to be… I want it to be incredible.

Here’s to many, many, many (you get the idea) more incredible trips around the sun; no matter where our feet may be planted.

Oh and let us not forget about our little fur child, Ramone (aka. Ramonie, Ramone Zone, Ramonie Zambonie, Doodle Butt, Chicken Butt, Butt Munch, Turkey Bottom, Chicken Legs… again, you get the idea). Where we go, he too shall follow.

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