It’s the little things.

Two weeks ago, to celebrate my one-year anniversary as a resident of England, I decided to spend the day out in the sunshine. No really, there was actually sunshine a-plenty. In fact, there are photos to prove it but you have to read the rest of this before you can scroll down to the bottom to see. I know, there’s always a catch.

For my day out and about I decided to tour the gardens of a local, beautiful, gorgeous stately home called Renishaw Hall. Though the interior wasn’t open for tours the day I was there, I think that was a sign reminding me that I need not worry about nosing around inside and instead enjoy the gorgeous day outside.

Rather than blather on and on about my day, here is a little summary of the little things I found myself feeling grateful for as I sat outside in the courtyard of such an incredible place with such incredible history. These are just some of the things that made me feel most grateful at that small moment in time.

  • I had the day off from work and before you ask, no, it was not planned. Pure luck, people. Pure luck.
  • I was able to wake up next to my husband.
  • Dropped Ramone off at the groomers to people who just adore him and take fine care of him.
  • Dropped my car off for servicing to a place that washed and detailed it when they were finished. Shiny.
  • Was surprised by gorgeous flowers from my husband to mark the day.
  • Received beautiful flowers from a coworker and lovely messages from others on Facebook.
  • Toured Renishaw Hall on an absolutely picture perfect day and took some pictures to prove it.
  • Dined in the courtyard at Renishaw; ate a delicious tuna & sweetcorn sandwich that was to die for.
  • May have also dined on a gorgeous slice of carrot cake. Nom.
  • As I began to clear my mind, I was able to listen to some classical music playing in the courtyard.
  • Took the time by myself to do some writing, some thinking, and some reminiscing.
  • Spent time reflecting on my life, my goals, my hopes and dreams, my heart. Love.
  • Listened to a mother & daughter enjoy their lunch together — made me miss my mom, but in a good and grateful way.
  • Went for a lavish massage that had me feeling all kinds of relaxed and beautiful.
  • Spent the day in a foreign country as a foreigner who, at the same time, is a resident. Living.Here.
  • Tried to let the fact that I live in England sink in but … well, nope, still hasn’t quite sunk in. Yet.
  • Spent the evening with my husband and my dog. My little family.
  • Felt loved. Feel loved. Enjoying love.

I think that’s enough in the way of words for now, time for those photos. If you ever find yourself in England, head north on the M1 (motorway / highway) and give me a shout, you might be grateful you did… I know I will.




IMG_9415 IMG_9417 IMG_9299








IMG_9360 IMG_9363







IMG_9405 IMG_9402

IMG_9422It is amazing to me the things you can be grateful for if you just stop and take a moment…

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