One day, two people.

Today is a day that is filled with many emotions for me. You see, today represents two very important people in my life; a celebration of two incredible people but in very different ways.

As many of you back in the states will celebrate Mother’s Day today, I am feeling a little sad, a bit left out because ultimately for me it was never truly about the gifts I gave to Mom but more about the day and the time spent with her. The love and affection, the laughter and the conversations; I’ll miss these things most today. Sure we will chat on the phone, probably Skype or something, but it won’t be the same as that hug of hers I miss so damn much.

Believe me when I say that I realize I’m a very lucky woman to have my mother still with us in this life and of course I know there are those here who have lost or maybe never even knew their own mom so trust me when I say, I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling today but I do hope your day is filled with love and laughter, light and peace no matter where life has placed you.

I know how blessed I am to have an incredibly beautiful, kindhearted, generous, selfless, humorous, hardworking, faithful, loving woman to call my Mom. She’s made me who I am today and I would be awful at showing love and compassion to others if it weren’t for her love and compassion for me in my life.

The other important person that must be honoured today is my husband, Si. Today we celebrate his life, well, annually we do this so I guess we’d call this his birthday.

I’m always giving thanks for having such an amazing man to call my own, my partner for life. He’s a kind man, a loving and generous man, and he loves me the way I’ve always hoped and dreamed I would be loved. He’s funny, sarcastic, creative, intelligent, witty, and just this side of crazy…enough to keep our marriage interesting.

He doesn’t complete me so much as he completes my life, everything is better with him in it. So today I will celebrate this awesome man by showing him love and compassion. Two qualities I learned from the most important woman in my life.

I cannot think of a better way to honour my mom on Mother’s Day.


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