A house unlike any other…

Cast your eyes upon Chatsworth House and its expansive gardens (yes, as in more than one). It’s what the English would refer to as a Stately Home, not a castle. Located in Derbyshire, England, about 3.5 miles north-east of Bakewell (another must-see destination), it is home to the Duke of Devonshire and has been home to the Cavendish family since 1549, yes 1-5-4-9. I know this through my numerous visits to the home as well as the info I’ve read online (Wiki) and of course the stately home’s very own website.

It’s quite the site to see in person and though my snapshots certainly do not do it justice, at least through them you get an idea of just how massive, how grand this home and its gardens really are.

I must say if you’re ever in England, this is definitely a place worthy of your time. Do make sure you have, at minimum, a full afternoon to wander around; you’ll need at least that to explore the gardens. If you’re going mainly to see the home itself, I suggest the best time to visit is just a couple of hours before closing. The reasoning behind this is you’ll have less of a crowd to contend with and honestly there’s just something so poetic and so powerful about walking where Dukes and Duchesses, Lords and Ladies, even Kings and Queens once (and still) walk today. Whether the sun is flowing into the house or the raindrops are spattering against the windows, when you’re in these homes and it’s fairly quiet all around you, you suddenly realize you’re surrounded by an entirely different level of history; one you definitely want to take your time exploring.

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