We are just seven short days away from exchanging our vows in front of a small group of friends and family. SEVEN DAYS! In one week I get to take Si’s last name, become his wife, and start this whole new adventure together. It’s not so much the wedding I’m looking forward to as the marriage itself. Don’t get me wrong, the wedding is going to be all kinds of awesome, but us being married is what I’m really rather jazzed about.

I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying by especially when it feels as if just yesterday it was May and we had just received word that my Fiance Visa had been approved. May. And now it’s August, soon to be September and sooner to be our wedding day. Holy buckets!

In just two days I’ll be able to hug my mom… oh my word I cannot wait to hug my mom. I’ll also be able to hug my bestie, an aunt, an uncle, some more friends… Wow I’m more excited than I thought and I was really excited! This next week is going to be one for the books, one of the most memorable, and one I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Absolutely!

Last weekend we met with our celebrant, Kate Gee ( who is just amazing. She’ll be marrying us in our afternoon ceremony at Si’s parents’ place. Meeting her was like putting the final puzzle piece in place for our day together, she just fits perfectly and we’re both very excited for her to be there to celebrate our day with us. This week we also met with our photographers, Christian & Erica ( who are really quite lovely and incredibly talented; we’re definitely very lucky to have them be a part of our day and they too, complete our little wedding puzzle. Have I mentioned how awesome our day is going to be? Yes, the American says AWESOME!

Also, last weekend we had Si’s family over for a BBQ which was a good time. Our first actual hosting event since living together, yay for being social! It went well, we had fun, and the weather cooperated which was what we were all hoping for. From what everyone here has told me, I’ve been spoiled by this summer’s weather because it hasn’t been typical at all. Well, hooray for being spoiled! (says the only child)

On Sunday Si and myself traveled to Bolsover Castle which isn’t more than 15 minutes away for the Medieval Jousting event. If you’re familiar with the stateside Renaissance Festival, this was basically that except the accents were real and everything was a bit more authentic. Including the castle in the background. 😉

Some photos from our day of exploration and travel back in time at Bolsover Castle.

10310966_10152658761520242_739602139259372174_n 10150584_10152658760625242_6548561590553175218_n 7373_10152658760770242_6438269283027101447_n 10561569_10152658761585242_4283347185261205612_n 10622737_10152658761380242_8139067640697974728_n 20140824_112808_resized 10570533_10152658762020242_7696236070307570321_n 10407071_10152658761850242_8005693439140878349_n 10639698_10152658761725242_3361412819668371408_n 10580239_10152658761675242_6121691453772840373_n 1535467_10152658760880242_3877336043455334073_n 7373_10152658760770242_6438269283027101447_n 10441316_10152658760535242_8557658997455139343_n 10622771_10152658761470242_3910545288964725572_n 10606563_10152658055195242_3958591574465886187_n 10464250_10152658055210242_663940354203241795_n 10615548_10152658760345242_3607540930780942295_n 10628556_10152658055275242_1976926048557964969_n 10422168_10152658762570242_4813716180638338807_n 1654159_10152658762860242_748869784602805418_n 10593178_10152658763420242_7893521234298524582_n 10460988_10152658763620242_53496524868975153_n 10410435_10152658763750242_156429636821526518_n 10359410_10152658763485242_2364455370246666378_n 10257170_10152658761420242_420428140445572909_n 1555509_10152658761250242_4152826190595566588_n

What have you explored today? Did you share it with others? Remember, life is an adventure, both big and small. Whether you live in the same place you grew up or live halfway around the world, there’s plenty to explore right outside your door if you just take the time to look. Hello, cheerio!

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