To volunteer or not to volunteer…

That is the question.

After recently posting about the prospect of volunteering for the nearest animal rescue shelter, it’s come to my attention that whilst here on a Fiance Visa, I’m not allowed to work OR volunteer. Our solicitor (read: lawyer) had mentioned early on in this process that it may be an issue but you know lawyer’s, nothing is ever black and white. Well the more I read online through multiple sources, the more I see that really it is black and white, there’s to be NO volunteering of any kind.

That’s fine, because soon we’ll be married and I’ll be able to apply for the spousal visa and after that is approved (positive thinking), I’ll be allowed to work and volunteer, all at the same time if I want.

I’m just happy and relieved that something was said and that I did a bit more research on this whole volunteer thing before actually going through with it. I definitely do not want to jeopardize my status on this Fiance Visa or our life we are building here together. I’m even happier that there’s only a handful of weeks left before I can spread my wings a bit, put myself out there, meet new people, and contribute to society. Before I go stir crazy.

4 thoughts on “To volunteer or not to volunteer…

  1. To put your mind a bit at ease.
    I just asked about The FLR (M) visa timeframes on UKY and said I was really worried they may say no to my application and one of the lovely folks told me they should say yes because they approved my Fiance Visa. The only time they would say no is if you screw up the paperwork or don’t include the right things. From other posts I’ve seen, they generally ask if they want a bit more information. I am so thankful for the forum, they’ve taken a lot of stress out of the application process.

    Were you going to apply in person or by post?

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    1. That’s awesome, thank you for that. Yes, the UKY website has been a comfort and it’s really nice knowing there’s other people who have experienced or are experiencing the same thing as you.

      I think we’re planning that I’ll apply in person; a same-day answer would be so much better than waiting three+ weeks for an answer. 🙂 How about you?


      1. We’ve already applied by post. So I’m basically just waiting, biting my nails. Well, I would be if I still did that. haha.

        It generally takes about 8 weeks, sometimes more, when you apply by post. I was kind of hoping it was going faster right now. So I’m just keeping an eye on the mail and hoping I didn’t screw something up. haha.


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