Settling In

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for almost a week already. It’s also hard to believe that I’m not on some extended holiday and in fact I actually live here now. As in, I already received my first piece of mail and do you want to know what it was? Before you ask if it was something from my mom or one of my friends or another family member, I can assure you that not even they are as fast as this other party. The person, or should I say persons, who sent me this particular piece of mail could probably aid the CIA or FBI when it comes to locating anyone in the world at any time. Who is it? you ask. Well, it’s none other than the U.S. Federal government; my student loans to be more exact. Ha.

Now if we’re being technical, I called them and gave them my address, told them I was moving, got everything squared away… but man I didn’t think theirs would be the first piece of mail I received. And it arrived only two days after I got here! That’s crazy pants! What may be even crazier, is the fact that when they addressed the correspondence to me here, they also slipped in the first line of my old address back in Minnesota. Seriously, who do they have working over there anyway? No matter, it arrived to me as I asked so I guess that’s one point for the U.S. Federal Government.

In other news, Ramone is suffering from a serious case of puppy jet-lag and let me tell you, I’ve been one worried mama up until last night when Si had mentioned something about that being a possibility. So I went to The Google to do a little digging and it turns out that dogs can experience jet-lag when traveling across multiple timezones or even when they have to change up their own routine by just a couple hours due to travel. Poor little Ramone, he had to change his routine by six hours… but the upside is he’s adjusting slowly, eating a bit more, and no longer sleeping for hours upon hours on end. Well, no more or less than the usual. I’m certain he’ll love this place as much as me once he becomes acclimated.

Speaking of time-zones… Multiple people have asked me, ‘What time is it there?’. Short answer is, whatever time it is where you are (if you’re in the central standard time zone; Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, etc.), we are six hours ahead of you. For example it’s just after 8pm here, so back home it’s just after 2pm.

Already this first week of being here and we’ve set me up with a phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 – shiny!), purchased a car (gorgeous red VW model to be revealed this Friday), and sorted through, for the most part, the four boxes I had FedEx’d over from America. Progress is being made towards settling in and it feels good. No, it feels great to know that we’re here, we’re together, and no one has to hop a plane in 11 days to leave the other behind. It’s time to simply enjoy this life together and yes of course there will be adjustments and difficult days and all that other jazz, but for right now I just want to sit back, enjoy the sunshine (in between periods of torrential rain), and enjoy being with my guy. And my dog. In one place.

Now ain’t that something?

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