Hello, Cheerio!

We’ve arrived!

Ramone and I have arrived safely upon solid ground in the UK. He’s a bit shaken which is understandable, and I am incredibly exhausted which is also understandable considering the 24+ hours of travel I needed to endure in order to get to my guy. He’s worth it though, truly, and though there were times I just wanted to fall over from stress and exhaustion, I didn’t because I knew who was waiting for me at the other side of it all. Everyone say it with me now, awww.

That said, it wasn’t the easiest or most pleasant of travel experiences and to make a long story short, I’ll not be flying American Airlines ever again. Ever. And neither will my luggage, which consequently should arrive on our doorstep at some point tomorrow afternoon. Oh yes, a long story indeed.

Ramone did really well in large thanks to Tony and his team at Goldwood Kennels; they did such a great job and they made sure he was safe and well taken care of whilst he made his way across the pond. I’m forever grateful for their time, knowledge, and assistance. He’s a strong little pup, my Ramone, and I know he’ll do well here once he gets settled into his new surroundings; we both will.

Twenty-four hours, four planes, three states, two pieces of baggage lost (and then found), and one very exhausted but also very happy lady. And her little dog, too. What a trip.

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