It’s time!!

All of the preparations, all of the hoops, hops, skips, and backflips have brought us to this place. You know, the airport. THE AIRPORT!!!


I dropped Ramone off with the Pet Agent, Tony (aka. Mr. Awesome) yesterday and received an email update from him last night stating my baby was doing well and all set to fly out today. Yay!

Yesterday, via FedEx, I sent four boxes over to my new address (in England, yo) and though the amount was what some would refer to as crazy-pants, it was far less expensive than shipping everything all at once.

And just like that, the stress began to dissipate and the excitement began to show itself. Huzzah!!

I’ve shoved and stuffed my ONE (because that’s all they allow) and only checked suitcase as much as humanly possible (sorry, Si) and my wedding dress is safely stuffed into my carry-on bag. Oh yes it is.

Last but not least, I had a nice long visit with Mom over the weekend and though it was a tearful ‘see ya soon’, it was not goodbye. I miss her already.

Another great visit happened last night when two truly beautiful friends brought me down to my hotel and once I was checked in, we went for dinner and drinks. It was a perfect send-off full of laughter and surprisingly little tears (I appreciated the break).

All in all, this additional time in Minnesota was perfect and I honestly believe it was meant to be. Throughout my extended stay I’ve been able to spend time with many friends and family and for that, I am undeniably grateful.

And happy. I’m also undeniably happy.

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