My bags are packed, I’m ready to…

… Oh wait, nope, I’m not ready to go just yet. Though I do have a departure date (June 3), I have yet to get all of my packing and shipping finalized, however progress is being made in baby steps.

June 3rd. If anyone is counting, that’s a mere 12 days away. Whoa, man. It’s hard to believe that for as long as the process is, for as long as the wait was to receive the visa, that in under two weeks I’ll be living in England with my guy. Um, what?! Time flies when you’re having fun and not stressing about nearly as much as you once were. Yes, I’m still stressing a bit, but it’s getting better, and quite honestly how could one not stress in a situation such as this?

The awesome thing is that I’m feeling more and more excited, pumped, happy, and bouncy about all of this. In other words, I feel (and probably look) as though I’ve ingested seven shots of espresso. I can finally see the finish line, the one where I get to not only see Si, but I get to be with him. For good. No leaving after two weeks and having to say goodbye for three to four (or five) months, no more six-hour time difference between us. We simply get to be together.

FINALLY!! *happy dance, chair wiggle*

We get to live on the same continent, in the same country, in the same county, on the same road, and in the same house. Holy mother of pearl is that not the most awesomely awesome thing in the world?! I knew you’d agree. On top of that awesomely exciting factoid, we finally get to plan our wedding which we’ve decided will happen on September 5, 2014. Wahoo!!

You know, everyone keeps mentioning how this is going to be a great life experience, moving to England (which is true), but what some may not remember is that I wouldn’t even be moving there if it wasn’t for one very loving, fantastically amazing, incredibly sweet, wildly creative, hilariously sarcastic Brit; my Brit.

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