Pet Logistics

If it’s not one thing, it’s another; which sounds more tragically depressing than it’s meant to.

Long story short, getting Ramone over to the UK has posed to be nearly as traumatic as the visa application itself.

Turns out there’s such a thing as Pet Agents; people who arrange for the travel and appropriate documentation of your pets to anywhere in the world. No kidding. It also turns out that they are incredibly knowledgeable and priced accordingly, but worth it if you ask me and the empty bottles of wine at my feet. Hahaha, I’m kidding…

What I’ve learned is that in order to get any pet of any kind into the UK from the US (and a handful of other countries for that matter) you HAVE to use a Pet Agent. And along with making sure your pet has had all of the appropriate vaccinations which I’ve already handled, you have to arrange travel through these Pet Agents. This would have been very helpful news about three months ago rather than two weeks before flying out. And had I received the correct information from my airline of choice (rhymes with Smelta) about three months ago, all of this stress could have been avoided and bottles of wine could have been spared. Oh the humanity.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so thankfully my dog-child is going to be well taken care of thanks to the awesome people at Goldwood Kennels here in Minnesota. (If you listen closely you can hear my sigh of relief.) Even though that sounded like an advert, it wasn’t. Unless you need to ship your pet off to another country (or even here in the states), then consider it an advert.

So that’s it, another hurdle conquered with many more to come, I’m sure. But that’s the incredible thing about life, one day your world is turned upside down and the stress-filled tears are flowing and then two days later there’s hope, sunshine and freshly baked monster cookies.

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