Still no word from the good ol’ British Immigration office. It’s okay, I know good things come to those who wait and all that jazz so I’ll wait “patiently” whilst they make their decision.

Here I was thinking that last week was the third week that they’ve had the application in for review however I was incorrect (shocking surprise) and this week actually marks the third week. I really hope we hear something (positive, of course) because it’d be really nice to move forward again; make progress, make plans, get excited, and mentally prepare for that last big push before resting my head on a pillow 4,000 miles away.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty great though, which has been a nice distraction from the wait of the century. I’ve had lunches and dinners with friends, picked up my wedding dress (YAY!) and spent the afternoon with my bestie, had quality time with family (including Mom) and I even get to be here for Mother’s Day which is an added bonus. So the fact they’ve taken their time to review everything is both a blessing as well as a total mind game.

My mom always tells me to be strong, to think positive and today, well I’m calling on those abilities like never before.

Edit: As I was typing this update, an e-mail arrived from the British Immigration office in Sheffield stating that “A decision has been made on your UK visa application. Your application will be dispatched shortly from the visa processing centre in Sheffield, UK. Your passport will be dispatched from the Sheffield Office and will be delivered by FedEx. …”

That’s it, no decision one way or the other, just a simple little update telling me they are done processing the application and it’s on its way back to me. *pins.needles*

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