Time’s a tickin’…

We haven’t heard anything yet; I believe their offices close at 5p their time (11a central time). I am really hoping we hear something yet today, some sort of sign that things will go our way, but the closer 11a gets, the more I believe we won’t hear until next week.  

I’ll just be over here checking my email (and my FedEx account) every 10 minutes (every five if I’m being really really honest).

Oh well, this time is obviously needed, for both sides, so I’ll try to relax and enjoy the coming weekend. Though it’d be a lot easier to enjoy if I could celebrate our good news all weekend… What? Just being honest. 😉

4 thoughts on “Time’s a tickin’…

  1. Treasure every minute of both sides of the clock – the clock making you wait to move, and the clock once you’re moving. I know it’s hard, but every minute you have left on this side of the Atlantic is precious. Spend it with the people you love 🙂


      1. I figured you were, but I always forget that part – I’m so impatient! I had to be reminded constantly when I was moving to Taiwan. You have a wonderful new chapter ahead of you, but I’m glad you’re still enjoying this chapter, too. You’re doing a better job of that than I would’ve! 😀


      2. I’m so impatient, too! It’s good to be reminded, though, so thank you. 🙂

        It’s not always easy to stop, to really stop and remind yourself of what is ahead, but when it happens, I like to soak it up. Trust me, I’ve had my days of venting, on here and everywhere, and it just takes a little time for me to realize that the world does not run at MY speed. As much as I wish it would. 😉

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