Checking the checklist.

As time goes on and things get done, it’s a nice change of pace to lay out what’s been completed rather than focus on what has yet to be finished. Right? I knew you’d agree.

What has been done:

  • Ramone is micro-chipped and 21 days from this Saturday, he’ll be fit for travel and life abroad. (foreshadow much?)
  • I’m completely moved out of my old two-bedroom, one bathroom home.
  • Most everything I own is packed and patiently awaiting travel (via tug boat over the Atlantic) in its conveniently sized 5×10 storage space (there’s plenty room for more).
  • I’ve done everything I can do with regards to the visa application process so it really is in their hands. Now I practice my patience (whenever I manage to find it) and wait.
  • Address has been temporarily changed only to be changed once or twice more.
  • Employer has officially been notified of my last day, again. (In case you’re wondering, it’s May 16 as I hope to fly out (when they say YES, positive thinking!) on May 20 or 21.
  • Yes that last one is a recent development as of yesterday. No you haven’t missed anything. See, you really are in the know!
  • Car has been sold, however it’s still in my possession. I need something to drive until I leave, hello.
  • Everyone is asking to go to lunch / dinner / coffee before I go and people are actually setting up dates with me which is super AWESOME (why yes, I am American) and makes me feel as though people are genuinely going to miss me as much as I’m going to miss them.
  • I’ve contacted my doctor for a disc copy of my medical history and records to take with me across the pond.
  • My student loan company is aware of the move and are currently working on a solution so that I can still give them their money as I’m living overseas. Well aren’t they sweet.
  • As far as my phone contract goes, I’m no longer bound to Verizon so basically I’m just out in space floating on their dime which is rather nice. All I have to do is tell them when to close / cancel my account and it’s done, no fees no penalties. Now that is a sweet deal.

I think that about covers things for now. I’m still checking my email, my bank accounts (which reminds me, I have to get that sorted yet), and my FedEx account on the regular to see if the immigration peeps have made their decision, but still no word. That’s okay though, I know it takes time (because that’s what they tell me) and that time is good because it allows me the opportunity to spend some quality moments with my friends and family and who can complain about that? Not I.

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