Done & Done

Sort of…

We submitted the online application today! Whoa. Spent 1.5 hours on the phone with our immigration lawyer, went trough the same application three times, paid *some* money, and away it went. Yikes.

Next up is my biometrics test on April 3 in St. Paul MN. Your bio-what?

Basically a government official from the FBI fingerprints, photographs, and does a very thorough background check on me; after giving them more money of course.

Once the results are received, I’ll forward those along with the original application, all the original documents, and all of the emails we had to submit to initially begin the process to the county I’ll reside in. In England. Yes that’s right, I’ve applied online however a physical application and all original documents must be mailed into the British government. Mailed. I mentioned it had to be mailed, right?

Literally from the USA to the UK.

Oh and I have to send our passports in with it which means absolutely no visits to see each other until this process is over.

At this rate the immigration lawyer thinks it’ll be the end of April before we hear back from the British Immigration authorities with a yay or nay. Let’s hope the yay’s have it.

The last time me and Si saw each other was the end of December. It’s okay though, we got this. We are strong enough to get through it, grin and bare it (even through the stressful tears shed) and love each other even more because of it.

That and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. It’s really dim, but it’s there and that’s hope, hope for the day we actually get to be together for good.

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