When are you leaving?

I’ve been resigned to answering, ‘Who the heck knows’. 

Honestly I have no idea. This week they (read: Immigration Lawyers) are completing or should I say they are trying to complete the application online however the website seems to be causing some issues (read: suffering from major malfunctions). At this point it seems like it’s one thing after another and in the spirit of utter honesty, it sometimes feels like too much.

Stressful doesn’t even begin to cover it. It just doesn’t. Why?

Let me break it down for you:

  • I MISS SI.
  • February 28 was my last official day at my job. (However I’m back for a short while as one of the gals hired to replace me didn’t work out and since I’m still in town for God knows how long, I could do with something to do and more money to help with bills and miscellaneous fees.)
  • March 31 is the last day I can occupy my home.
  • I MISS SI. This process has taken its toll on us; our calls are different, emails are different, and overall we’ve experienced a change in our relationship. Mainly, we’re both just a little stressed out about it. We’re stronger than ever before, however this process has changed how we interact on some levels and I just want to be with my guy so we can find our groove again.
  • My car has technically been sold even though I still have it in my possession.
  • The sale of my personal items has begun and even though it’s just “stuff” it’s still my stuff and it’s stuff I’ve bought and paid for over the years of making a home here.
  • I’ve cancelled utilities, conveniences, and other necessities as of March 31.
  • I haven’t officially asked my mom (Hi Mom) if I can stay with her in the interim.
  • I MISS SI.
  • The veterinarian is dragging his feet on getting me the info I need to prove that Ramone has been and is being prepared for a move overseas.
  • It seems as though even when we have received a “final” list of everything that is needed for the application from our lawyers, eventually something else pops up and this only further delays the process another day or two which has seemingly added up to weeks.
  • Our lawyers are awesome, they really are, but they are either out for a week due to illness or vacation for what seems like every other week and I’m over it. I know they are working incredibly hard and spending a ton of time on this but we just want to know what is going on, daily if necessary, so we feel as though we’re kept in the loop rather than wait days on end for you to tell us there’s a website issue and oh hey, you need more info yet again.
  • There’s more but really, who the heck wants to read about more frustrations? Not me, that’s for sure.
  • I MISS SI.


Ahh, I feel better. Sort of. Maybe if I speak (read: scream) that statement into existence every day from here on out, it’ll eventually just happen. Sooner rather than later would be optimal.

I’m tired of living in limbo, of the endless preparations, and the constant feelings I get from not knowing when this will all come to fruition. I’m just plain frustrated and enjoying this process is not as easy as it once was. Fact.

Not everything is going to be shiny and happy and golden but I will focus on the whole ‘nothing worthwhile ever did come easy’ statement because it’s true but for crying out loud, JUST LET ME BE WITH MY MAN ALREADY!


4 thoughts on “When are you leaving?

  1. Oooooo, this is the worst stuff. I TOTALLY he’s ya and feel your pain and sympathize. I remember being told it would take 6-9 months and $____ to get Samuel over here. 2 years and triple the $ later…

    It’s so hard and I get that change in the relationship. You’ll make it. You really will. Hang in there friend, all this mess is such mess but it makes the completion/reunion/next kiss even sweeter!


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