Champagne Tastes on a Boxed Wine Budget

In other, more cheerful news… I said yes to the dress!

Last weekend I went with my mom and best friend to a bridal boutique and found the wedding dress of my dreams. Well, not really the dress of my dreams because originally what I had pictured was the complete opposite of what I fell in love with, but it all worked out in the end.

I’ve received a few questions regarding why I didn’t wait to go dress shopping until I was in England but for me it was a no-brainer; had I waited until I arrived in England, then my mom and best friend couldn’t be there with me. Besides, dress shopping requires planning, bargaining, and praying. Sometimes in that order and you absolutely need a couple who are closest to you to help sort it all out.

Long story short, the bridal boutique allowed me to buy the dress ‘off the rack’ which isn’t always the case from what I hear but in them doing so, I was basically able to have my dress then and there. It’s perfect because now I don’t have to worry about waiting six months for my dress to safely arrive in England. They even knocked the price down by $200 which is great because it was REALLY outside of my budget before they did so and in the end they made the dress buying process painless and worry free. Two things I did not picture going hand in hand with the adventures of finding the wedding dress.

It’s hard to explain that moment when a dress fits you just right, when it feels like it was made for you, and when you realize it is absolutely not at all what you were hoping to find. Especially if I’m explaining this to a guy. It’s crazy to me that what I thought I wanted in my wedding dress turned out to be nothing at all like what I got because what I got is much better.

I’m so excited for Si to see me in this dress and to see how beautiful I feel and how happy I’ll be to walk down the isle to him and our life together. When I focus on that day and all that will follow, all of this waiting and all of these frustrations along the way suddenly feel rather small and insignificant.

Of course you can always check in with me tomorrow…

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