Just when it feels as though we have submitted everything we could possibly submit to our immigration lawyer for the Fiancée Visa, they ask for more. It’s getting to the point of mild frustration for me because I thought we were nearly done with putting the application together only to find out they still need more before it can be completed. The theme of today seems to be: more. Additional. Further. Extra. Other. Many. Much. You get the idea, right or do you need more?

I know they are only doing their job and a fine job at that, but at some point when is enough enough? My file is at least five to six inches thick, literally. You’re telling me the border control agent is going to sift through every page making sure a copy of my Mom’s passport is attached? You’re joking, right?

Patience: It’s never been anything I’ve owned in abundance however I’ve tried really hard to dig deep and find some for this process and for the most part, I pat myself on the back (before I bang my head into the wall) for a job well done. Up until this point I’ve been fairly patient and relatively easy going about the whole deal. However, the longer this takes, the longer we must wait to be together, the deeper my level of patience descends.

I miss my guy and when you dangle the opportunity to be together in front of me, I only want it that much more and sooner rather than later, please. Another reason my patience is deteriorating is the financial component; I’ve given up my job as my employer couldn’t hold my position in limbo forever so he hired two new people to replace me and as of the 28th I will not be with this company anymore. Thankfully I have a backup job already in place but it does not pay nearly as much and certainly does not have the guaranteed hours. I’m not panicking which is great, I’m simply feeling like a lost kid in K-Mart looking for their parents by the blue light special. Most of us here in the states, over age 30 will get the reference.

The completely wonderful side in all of this? Si is there for me every step of the way (yay team!), helping me to see the bigger picture rather than focusing on all the little pieces before it. He helps me stay focused on why we’re going through all of this, why we’re doing what we need to do, and why we’re taking all of this time and investing all of this money; it’s for us and our future. That’s the only reason two completely sane, somewhat normal people would go through this insanely crazy process; love, it’s all in the name of love and we just want more.

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