So, what next?

As I type this, the application for the Fiance Visa is being assembled and the wheels are in motion. The ‘What next?’ question is a very popular one and with good reason as it seems this process has been going on for quite some time now. But it’s true, the puzzle is being put together and we are that much closer to being together.

I think at this point it’s really in the hands of A. our immigration lawyer and her team who are assembling the application for us, B. the border control agent who will review the application, and C. The Big Man Upstairs.

We’ve sent in everything that’s been asked of us, we’ve done all we’re supposed to do, so now comes the real waiting game.

Once the application is sent into the British Consulate (hopefully this week or next), we are told we should hear back from them within three weeks time. Following their approval (positive thinking), we’ll have six months to be married and apply for a Spousal Visa and upon approval of that (more positive thinking), I’ll be able to begin the hunt for my very first job in Jolly ol’ England.

If all goes as we hope, I’ll be taking my last flight out to England by the start of April and not returning back to the states until we both can visit for Christmas in Minnesota, together.

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