Counting the Christmas Blessings

After yesterday’s entry I wanted to make sure I took the time to acknowledge all the awesome things about being in England for Christmas. In bullet-point fashion, of course. 

  • We (Si and myself) get to be together. For 11 days. For Christmas. Ya, you betcha!
  • We get to start our holiday traditions together in the place we’ll be living, together.
  • I get to experience and share in his family’s holiday traditions. SUPER excited!
  • I’ll have my first shot at a real life Christmas Cracker. (Definitely a question for the almighty Google…)
  • We will finally meet our immigration lawyer face to face and begin the next part of the process in the adventures of The Big Move.
  • Though it won’t be a white Christmas in Jolly Ol’ England, it will be a warmer one. Temps will range between the upper 40’s and lower 50’s which may not sound all that warm to most, but to us Minnesotans, that’s cause for spring jackets (or no jackets at all) and talks about baseball. There’s rain in the forecast (obviously), but that doesn’t matter because it won’t be -10 degrees windchill, or worse.

Mainly I’m just really (really) excited for the holiday to be here; for us to be able to share it, make new memories (ones that will need to be well documented otherwise we may both forget), and share new and old traditions. Best of all? We get to count our Christmas blessings, together.

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