Leeeavin’ on a jet plane…

It’s official, I’ll be spending 10 days in England for Christmas. Flights are booked, bags are (un)packed, and now all that’s left is finding a dog sitter for Ramone. I’m thinking maybe he could stay with Grandma for the holiday; I’ll just need to ask her first. Unless of course she reads this before I can ask her in person in which case: Mom, will you take care of Ramone whilst I’m in England for Christmas? *gives you puppy dog eyes, bats eyelashes*

In other news Si is preparing the house for Christmas by decorating and really it’s all very sweet and rather exciting. See last Christmas was our official first Christmas together however it was via Skype. Don’t get me wrong; we had fun, it was still exciting, and it was (and still is) very special to us. This Christmas however will be especially special since we’ll be able to see each other, face to face, in person. It’s all very cool and again, exciting. Perhaps the title of this entry should be, ‘We’re Excited.’

You never really realize what you have with someone until you’re apart from them for a long period of time; you never really understand the bond you have until they are away for even a handful of days, let alone weeks and months. It always makes me think of the soldiers who are away from their families, how they go a year or more before they get to see their family again and then I think about what Si and myself are going through and I realize it isn’t so bad you know, the waiting. We can wait. We will wait. We’ll do what we have to in order to be together, but we’ll do it the right way and when it’s time, we’ll be together without having to imagine another week or month, apart.

He’s worth the wait. I just wish the process would hurry up already.

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