Confirmation Connected

Whilst at work yesterday (BBW – Bath and Body Works), just as we were about to close up for the evening, I was assisting our last customer of the day at the cash register and because I’m the self proclaimed queen of small talk (and maybe just a little on the nosy side), I found out she had recently moved back to Minnesota. Oooh really, back from where? Turns out she was living just outside of London for a handful of years with her British husband before recently moving back.

She loved it out there and is hoping they are able to go back one day. How’s that for a glowing endorsement? Not that I needed one as my mind has been made up for quite some time, but it’s lovely to hear something like that from someone with a similar experience. From Minnesota to England, who’d a thunk it?

We went on chatting for a minute or two and found that we both share a mutual love and admiration for Colorado and she’s told her husband on numerous occasions that she really must take him out there for a visit. I shared that if Si and myself were to move back to the states, it wouldn’t be to Minnesota but rather to Colorado (yes, he is aware of this).

Life is just too funny sometimes; how things happen by chance, fate, whatever you want to call it. It’s intriguing to me how life is connected.

In the end we exchanged emails and both seemed to be excited about the happenstance meeting. I’m fairly certain God put me in her path or vice versa because how else could you explain such an unlikely coincidence?

It feels like I’m doing exactly as I should be doing at exactly the right time.

One thought on “Confirmation Connected

  1. I love divine appointments!! God is so good to provide em!

    I wanna move to Colorado too. Okay, BACK. I wanna move BACK. Moving away was one of the hardest things ever. Sigh.


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