Working Girl

It’s official, I start my second job this Sunday evening. Yay, work!

If I’m being honest I’m both excited and just a little hesitant. It’ll mean longer days, no more completely free weekends, and even more time away from people I love and care about; including my doggy. It’ll also mean that Si and myself have to adjust to a new emailing and calling schedule but hey, we’re cool and stuff, we can handle it. Yay, love!

That said, this additional work needs to be done. The financial stress of moving overseas can be a bit much at times and adding a second income to help save up will more than likely ease some of that stress. It’s a lot to put on a relationship, this whole need-more-money-to-move business, and since I’ve never been one who enjoys speaking about money, this is a big step for me. It’s hard to admit that I’m not a millionaire and even harder to admit that people probably knew that already. Yay, progress!

The company I’ll be working for is also one I enjoying shopping with and before you ask, no I will not be spending my entire paycheck in their fine establishment. Though I cannot say with utmost certainty that I will not enjoy my employee discount a time or two; especially for those seasonal products that I’m a sucker for. Yay, shopping! Wait, what?

Overall I’m grateful for the opportunity to save more money; granted it’s not going to be tens of thousands of dollars, every little bit will help and that’s the goal isn’t it, to save money and move to England with my guy? Yeah, that’s the goal. Yay, goals!

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