Flying Fido

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog since it first began, way back on October 17, you’ll remember that I’m toting my pup, Ramone, overseas to England for The Big Move. I’m nervous as can be about it; not about the actual part of having him over there, more so the part of physically flying him on a plane. He’s so little and already nervous as it is, and to find out he’s not able to ride on the plane with me is a little heartbreaking if I’m being honest.

I’ve checked with Delta Airlines (the only way to fly) and I’ve also checked with a few other airlines; it seems as though the United Kingdom will not accept a dog riding in the cabin of the plane when coming from the United States. Sad. Ramone wouldn’t make a peep the whole flight; he’d just sit in his kennel and be nervous but at least he could see me and know that he’s safe. He’ll be completely up to date with shots and all of the requirements of the British Consulate and yet he’ll not be able to ride on the plane with me because of some rule I really do not understand. Apparently people in First Class have to abide by the same rules as me however, I’ve seen a few photos online of those high class first classies with their dogs sitting right next to them. Big dogs, even. No, I don’t know where they were flying to, but still. Sad.

I would like to know WHY my little six-pound dog cannot ride on the plane with me. Not just because there’s a rule, but WHY. What is the reason when he’ll be up to code? What is the reason when he doesn’t even bark. I’m not kidding, my dog doesn’t bark. Tell me why, please?

Now I have to check him as baggage (for $200) and pray they take good care of him. Do you think Delta Airlines would let me ride in the baggage/cargo area with him? … … I didn’t think so either. Sad.

The major bright side is that there’s no longer a requirement for Quarantine; thank God because I would have NEVER put my dog through that. I guess I just have to focus on the bright side and pray little Ramone is tougher than he appears, handling that 8+ hour flight like a tiny little champ. Who knows, maybe he’ll handle those 8+ hours better than his mama.

Hey Delta, I’ll love you forever if you can find a way for me to fly with my little pup beside me.

8 thoughts on “Flying Fido

  1. I have never needed to fly a dog anywhere, but I imagine the veterinarian could help with some sedatives for him. It seems (to my inexperienced brain) like the ordeal would be easier on the little guy if he was sedated or sleeping.

    Can you take your dog on a steamer ship, like in the olden days? Go via steamer!

    Sorry, I’m not much help.


    1. Unfortunately, from what I’ve been reading, sedatives for a pup of his stature wouldn’t be a totally safe idea on a plane since the sedatives do not take into consideration the altitude and how it will affect the dog. It’s different for every dog I guess. You’re right though, I will for sure be checking with his vet.

      Steamer ship, I like that idea. Ha. Ah, the olden days.


  2. i don’t have much experience with this either. but i’d see if you can get in writing that an airline has a heated/air conditioned pressurized cargo area for your doggie. i won’t even voice my concerns because i’m sure you know them and it would just make you sad/stressed.


    1. Yeah, I think you’re right. I just want something from them showing (almost guaranteeing) that they will take good care of my pup.

      The concerns. Yes, I’m already sad and stressed about them. Trying to focus on the positive… trying and trying and trying…


  3. Oh hey, I thought of this in the middle of the night. Have you ever heard of Snuggle Safe pet bed warming pads? I own two of these, and used them with my elderly cat when I was out of the house working all day.

    I could microwave it in the morning, and it would hold warmth for close to 12 hours. I would bury one in each of her preferred sleeping spots, making sure it was covered with blankets. It IS a hard disk, so not necessarily comfy to sleep on, itself, but it does a great job of remotely keeping a pet’s bed warm for a long period of time. If cold is one of the things you worry about for Ramone on the flight (or even at home during the day when you’re working) I feel this is a safe option. I really like that it’s not a plugged-in appliance or anything.


    1. No worries. 🙂 I appreciate the thought and will look into this for sure; I think little Ramone would appreciate all the extra heat he can get. Thanks again, Heather!


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